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You are special.  You have special needs.  You are not alone.    

Let's get together, let's get you what you need, and let's help the other Country Women along the way. 

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There are many unique struggles out here for you women. Unique challenges, and an entirely different set of problems you deal with on a daily basis. Problems that the rest of the city-ified world doesn't understand. I don't know how you do it, but it's pretty amazing. You are pretty amazing. It's surprising that more of us guys don't wake up in the morning with a knife stuck in our chest and a note on our foreheads saying, "I'm gone, fix your own damn dinner." 

You need some help. (And I'm not even sure what help you really need.)

Several obvious issues, (and I'm sure there are many more that I'm completely clueless about).
Distance and Isolation
Raising Kids
Everything taking too long, costing too much and being too damn hard.
Living with a Country Guy (Or not)
Needing real solutions for real women
Nobody being there for YOU
It's too heavy
I need a break
I need a vacation
I need to cry
I need money
Long distance relationships
I'm 45, I'm alone, now what?
Women who get hit
He's not being nice
Dealing with drinkers

Things like:
How to live with the isolation - How not to.
How to work like a man, when you have to.
How to get your man to help, so you don't have to work like a man
How to get a man, so you don't have to be like a man
Fun? I just want a night's sleep. (Psst...Here's how to get one.)
Friends? I don't have time
Been there - done that - girls here's what you need to avoid. Advice from the Women.
Laid Off - How do deal with your guy losing his job
Single parenting in the country
A woman's guide to firewood
Getting outside cleaning services without feeling guilty
On your own
Been there, done that, you are not alone
Retiring to the country
How to start a real and honest home business to make some extra money. 
(Extra? Is there such a thing?) 
or work for a company from home that is flexible, and understanding of our needs.
I'm tired, filthy, overworked, underpaid..., 
...standing here with drywall dust in my hair,
...chicken shit in my work boots, 
...I haven't thawed the roast that we need for dinner tonight, are fighting, 
...the well went dry, again,
...and you want me to think about sex?
Hauling water - the pioneers made it look so easy.
Raising kids with real morals and values.
Living in the country is romantic? Get real.
Living in the country is cheaper? Get real.
How to not feel like crap all the time.
Moving across the country.
Traveling in the country
Hiking with kids and bears
How to take your son fishing
Driving that damm big truck
How to buy a vehicle that fits you and the country
Feelings? If I let 'em out, somebody's gonna get hurt.
Living with an outhouse - living with a septic tank
Making the transition - city to country
Mother Earth News Lied!
How to buy your place in the country
Saving for retirement
Retire? Are you kidding?
Small town gossip
Keeping things clean in the country, or not.
Country Kids - alcohol & drugs
How to remodel your bathroom, alone
How to deal with angry people and not feel scared
Two Words - Hot Tub!
Money and Financing
Getting out of debt
Gardens - Flowers - 
Dealing with the EX
Raising "his" children
Home schooling
How do I deal with a contractor?
Online tutoring help for your kids
A chick is a baby hen.
How not to feel "taken advantage of"
All About Pigs - (Swine not husbands)
All About Pigs - (Husbands not Swine)
Being a High Heel woman in a work boot world
Being a Teacup Lady in a coffee mug world.
Being a Coffee Mug woman in a "Victoria's Secret" world
Children, pets and husbands. How to know when to feed them, nap them, or change their diapers.

What kinds of things might help you? 

Free voice over the internet group chats or friend to friend calls
Help setting up a web cam to check on your Mother
Discussion Groups
Giving advice, getting advice
Articles and Information
Home swaps, for inexpensive vacations
More cash in your pocket
Getting a secretary or a personal assistant
Safe House - how and when to get away from him
Getting Time off
Husband swaps, for getting those projects finished, dammit
Fun retirement stuff
Getting appreciation
Getting Help around the house
Resources & Links

I looked online and didn't find anything that would really help y'all out. 

So I propose we pool our experiences and start to figure out how to help each other. 

If we help each other, I think we can help lots of women out there in the same boat. 

What would help you the most?    Write us at: 



Is this what you put up with?  
Sandals?  High Heals?  Are They Kidding?